Sagar Amrit

About Sagar Amrit

Sagar Amrit is a 100% water soluble seaweed extract powder which has been manufactured from red seaweeds (Rhodophyta) harvested from the sea waters off the shores of southern India. It contains organic/ bioavailable potash (K2O) and naturally available primary and secondary nutrients. Its application boosts overall crop growth and fruit quality, relieves stress and results into better crop harvests.


  • Stimulates internal growth and development of crop through better nutrient assimilation
  • Leads to lesser fruit drop, uniform fruit size & quality in terms of weight, colour and firmness
  • Provides resistance to crops against abiotic stress and diseases
  • Increases yield and quality of produce

Application Dosage and Protocol

S.No Mode of Application Dosage Application Description
1 Foliar Application 200-400gm/ Acre Apply 2-3 sprays of 0.2% Sagar Amrit at given dosage at critical crop growth stages
2 Fertigation 0.5-1 kg/ Acre Dilute Sagar Amrit @1 gm/liter of water at given dosage 3-4 timed during crop growth cycle through drip irrigation
3 Seed Soaking/ Seedling Dipping 0.05% solution Soak the seeds or dip the seedling roots in 0.05% solution of Sagar Amrit ( 5 gms diluted in 10 liters of water) for 10-30 minutes before sowing/ transplanting