The Source

Sagarika seaweed extract concentrate (28% w/w), an organic bio-stimulant, is extracted from red & brown marine algae which boosts plant metabolism to increase nutrient uptake, increasing yield and quality of produce. It also helps provide resistance against biotic and abiotic stress. Sagarika is made from red and brown marine algae using globally patented green technology without the use of any chemicals and is concentrated under vacuum, to provide a stable and effective extract that is used as a plant growth promoter.

We cultivate and collect the red and brown marine algae from the coastal areas of Southern India with the help of our cultivators (Fisherman community) which mainly comprises women. We support ethical labour practices and gender equality by providing flexibility to our cultivators and supporting them financially while ensuring a beneficial impact on the environment by being carbon positive.

With over 75% of our cultivators being women, seaweed farming for Sagarika has supplemented them with a sustainable livelihood and provided their families with an additional income source.

Our expert Research and Development team is also dedicated to developing robust and resistant planting material that can help in improving the yields of cultivation to increase our partner cultivators’ incomes.

The cultivated and collected marine algae is then purchased from the cultivators at pre-agreed prices and taken to the Aquagri facility in Manamadurai for processing. At the facility, we employ proprietary technology that is developed by the Research and Development team that makes Sagarika a market-ready product. Sagarika is the first of its kind biostimulant that adheres to global standards, and is made available to the farmers in highly concentrated form and at the most economical price. It’s the most concentrated and lowest priced product in the Indian market. Active collaboration between our team with CSMCRI ensures constant upgradation or the product.

Sagarika is an extremely versatile product and can be used across all crops — it can be used for cereals and pulses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, cash crops, oilseeds and all other crops because of its action to enhance the metabolic function of the plant.

Sagarika has been tested in more than 43 agriculture universities and ICAR institutions on a variety of crops across India. It has been seen during the trials that Sagarika not only helps in increasing the yield and growth of the crops but also helps in improving the quality of the produce. It is not a bulking agent, it increases the desired qualitative parameters of the crops e.g. brix and sugar content in sugarcane and tomatoes, while positively impacting the protein and carbohydrate content of many other crops.

As it improves the overall vigor of the plant it improves the resilience of the crop against stress, disease and pests.

Sagarika is a very effective seaweed based organic biostimulant for a wide range of crops that augments plant growth and quality, and consequently improves farmers’ income and livelihood.