Seaweed has multiple benefits as it is a reserve of many bioactive, organic colloids and bioavailable nutrients. Its commercial cultivation as an alternate business model offers opportunities to Indian fishermen, fishwomen and their families and ancillary industries. What started as a small initiative by IFFCO-APPL can potentially benefit millions of Indian farmers and our environment. As a clean, green and organic product, our journey in production, sales and marketing of seaweed extract based ‘SAGARIKA’ signifies our contribution to agriculture and farmers’ prosperity.

Our Journey

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) joined hands with Aquagri Processing Private Limited (APPL) and created the brand name Sagarika for seaweed based biostimulants.
11th May 2016
SAGARIKA - the 1st indigenous seaweed extract based biostimulant was launched on National Technology Day in the presence of Honourable President of India – Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and Mr. Harshvardhan- Union Minister of Science and Technology, Government of India at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi.
July 2016
1st consignment of Sagarika (28% w/w) Liquid was supplied to 21 states in India during the Kharif season. With the onset of the Rabi season from September 2016, supply of Sagarika Granules commenced.
26th September 2016
CSIR Award for Science and Technology Innovation for Rural Development awarded to APPL and CSIR-CSMCRI.
15th May 2017
After getting excellent results in the fields and receiving mass appreciation from the farming community, IFFCO takes 50% equity in APPL.
30th September 2017
The lifecycle assessment of the seaweed based product was found to have a positive impact on the environment due to its ability to reduce carbon emissions in agriculture.
Sagarika performed better than the expectations of the farming community and as a result sales reached over 8000 MT for Sagarika - Granules and 300 KL for Sagarika - Liquid.
FY 2018-19
To meet the needs of small and marginal farmers, Sagarika (Granules) in 10 Kg and 25 Kg bags were launched.
FY 2019-20
Successful trials of Sagarika (Granules and Liquid) were conducted by IFFCO Professor Chairs at State Agricultural Universities. A crop yield increase of 15-20% was recorded with the application of Sagarika - Granules (@ 25 Kg / ha) and 2 foliar sprays of Sagarika - Liquid ( @2.5 ml / litre of water).
FY 2019-20
Sagarika was supplied to Sikkim - the first Organic State of India through Sikkim-IFFCO Organics Limited (a Joint Venture between IFFCO and the Sikkim Government).
FY 2020-21
Sagarika is well accepted by Indian farmers with Sagarika Liquid sale increasing by 4 fold and Sagarika Granules sale increasing by 8 fold in the last 5 years.
FY 2020-21
Sagarika gets noticed by the International community because of its impact on crop productivity and environment resilience. Sagarika - Liquid samples were dispatched to Australia and Sri Lanka for crop trials and its consequent inclusion as per local regulatory guidelines for international trade. Sagarika’s first consignment was also exported to Nepal.
FY 2020-21
To cater to our farming communities in South India, Sagarika Gold was launched in Feb-2021 as a value addition product with the inclusion of humic acid for the benefit of farmers.