Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy Sagarika?
    Sagarika is available at all IFFCO outlets. Check out our store locator below:
    Additionally, Sagarika is also available online on IFFCO Bazar:
    Click here to buy online now:
  • What is the dosage rate of Sagarika?
    Sagarika Granules – 10 Kg/Acre
    Sagarika Liquid – 250-500 ml/Acre
  • What is the application protocol of Sagarika?
    Sagarika Granules – should be broadcasted evenly
    Sagarika Liquid – As Foliar Spray at the rate of 0.25 -0.5% (2.5- 5 mL in 1 Litre of water)
  • Can Sagarika be sprayed in all types of crops?
    Sagarika is a broad spectrum product. It can be used in all type of crops such as cereal crops, horticulture crops, fiber crops, oilseeds etc.,
  • Can Sagarika only be used in organic fields or can it be used in fields where chemical fertilizers were used?
    Sagarika is an organic product. It can be used both in organic and conventional agriculture. Further it helps in reducing the chemical fertilizer usage by increasing the fertilizer use efficiency.
  • Where can I buy Sagarika online?
  • Between Sagarika Liquid and Sagarika Z++ Granules, which gives better results?
    BothSagarika Liquid and Sagarika Z++ Granules contain seaweed. Liquid and Granular variants are prepared for easier application for farmers. We recommend using Liquid and Granules in combination. i.e., use Sagarika Z++ Granules during planting/transplanting/seeding and use SagarikaLiquid in standing crops as foliar spray.
  • Can Sagarika Liquid spray be mixed with Insecticides/Pesticides?
    Sagarika can be mixed with all types of Insecticides/Pesticides. For further clarification, Conduct Jar Test before mixing in larger volume.
  • Sagarika is in dark brown color while other seaweed extracts are jet black in color. Also Sagarika’s consistency is not as thick as other company’s products. Is that okay?
    Sagarika is an indigenous product produced in India. It is 100% seaweed (Kappaphycus Sp.,) extract which is grown in the Indian coastal area while other seaweed extracts are made from Ascophyllum nodosum which is an imported seaweed. Further some extracts contain humic acid which adds black colour to the product.
  • Is it organic?
    Yes. Sagarika is an NPOP Certified Organic Product.
  • Can Sagarika be a substitute for NPK Fertilizer?
    No. Sagarika is not a substitute for NPK fertilizer. It is an organic bio-stimulant which can reduce the chemical fertilizer application rate by increasing the nutrient uptake by plants.

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